Thursday, February 25, 2010

Packing for a Weekend Trip

I love weekend trips.  I can't wait to take a few this spring.  In anticipation I rounded up some of the items I hope will be staples in my getaway bag...

{1.  Sunglasses.  Ray-ban aviators are classic.  / 2.  A big bright scarf to wrap up with.  /  3.  A comfortable dress.  Preferably with pockets.  / 4.  J Crew Brewster boots go with me pretty much everywhere.  / 5.  The cutest duffel bag I have ever seen.  /  6.  Make-up brushes from Sonia Kashuk.  / 7.  A bathing suit for taking advantage of hotel pools.  / 8.  A corkscrew because I always end up wishing I had one.  /  9.  Playing cards  / 10.  A big stack of magaines. } 

And as a bonus, something cute to sleep in...

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